~ Billing ~

We Only Accept US Callers.
We accept 
Visa ~ MasterCard ~ Discover
We DO NOT accept American Express

We Only Bill as BAC Services, no other name(s) should appear on your credit card.
There is no third party billing, we bill direct from the offices of BAC Services.
We do not sell or give out your personal information under any circumstances.

- Our Rates -
$2.00 Per Minute - 10 minute Minimum - $2.00 Connect Fee for the lower 48 States,
($22.00 for 10 minutes or less and $2 for any additional minutes)
Alaska and Hawaii - $3.00 Per Minute - 10 minute Minimum - $3.00 Connect Fee
($33 for 10 minutes or less and $3.00 for any additional minutes)

- How We Process the Charge - 
We obtain a $62 authorization against your card to bill against 
unless you ask for a specific amount of time, 
this is adjusted when the actual charge is put through.  
This authorization will remain on your statement until the actual charge is processed 
against the authorization, this can take 3 to 5 business days depending on your bank, 
we have no control on how your bank reconciles authorizations.

- Customers That Do Not Honor Their Purchase - 
 In rare instances some people decide to not honor their purchase, 
this is stealing and won't be tolerated.
We will make every attempt to contact you to resolve the issue, 
we'll even accept a payment plan if need be; but if you chose to steal then 
all discretion is null and void - your privileges are revoked - 
we'll identify ourselves to whomever answers the phone in order to 
get our operators paid for the time they spent with you, 
it's only fair.

If we have not been able to contact you by phone, we will send out a final warning letter 
to you asking that you pay by money order (positive funds) to resolve your debt.
 If these efforts do not work then we send a statement of bad debt to Equifax.  

It isn't worth stealing.

So please, don't be a dead-beat to try to get out of the charges.  
We're trying to make a living too!